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Jack Pyke Treggings
Jack Pyke Treggings
Jack Pyke Treggings

Jack Pyke Treggings

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Jack Pyke of England

Jack Pyke Treggings

When you are out gamekeeping, shooting or beating, your clothing can be exposed to harsh weather conditions therefore tough, durable and water resistant over trousers are the best way to protect your garments.

For maximum protection the Jack Pyke Treggings are made of PU coated Polyester and are just the thing you need for the rainy autumn weather.

They are lightweight and designed to easily fit over trousers.

The adjustable waist strap with buckle ensures a comfortable fit.


Adjustable waist with buckle fastener

Reinforced crotch

Taped seams

Water resistant

Material: PU coated waterproof 400D polyester

One size

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